Join the Bizfit Expert Team now!

Bizfit penetrates the business development market with new digital service platform. New Expertise enables companies to have access to quick and flexible variety of tools to solve everyday challenges. With the help of Bizfit, you are there, where you are needed.

Easy, familiar tools like chat, audio and video enables long term coaching processes or quick problem solving operations. Be a part of European wide service network!

Why you should join the Bizfit Expert Team?

No limitations with time or space

You can choose when you want to work.  All you need is your mobile phone or tablet .

Branding will introduce you as a professional

Bizfit will assist you in creating an expert profile and your visibility will grow with Bizfit marketing actions.

Earn with your experience or the latest business knowledge

Test your market potential. You can use integrated online cooperative invoicing service. You do not have to be an entrepreneur.

Make a change with your work habits

Turn your customers into subscribers.

Good work brings more subscribers

People will evaluate your service and give a testimonial – Make a difference and give your best.

Offer your expertise in a flexible way

Side by side with your daily job, study or if you are looking for new challenges. You set out your own hours.

How it works?

1. Create a profile

Bizfit is a broker agency that provides a  marketplace for business experts and coaches.  By making an interesting, accurate and customer orientated profile,  our search engine will present you to potential customers.


2. Specify Your services

In Bizfit, you can offer your services in three different ways:
– chat (minimum subscription one week)
– (video)call (fixed fee)
– service package (a development plan) (fixed fee)


3. Action time

When customer makes an order and the first contact, it’s time to  serve and assist him/her in the best possible way. 

4. Payment

Depending on your expert status (company or individual) Bizfit or co-operative will pay your order based compensations in monthly basis. 

5. Excellent work!

Customer testimonials are often in  extremely powerful role when choosing an expert or a coach. Bizfit will support excellent work by giving more visibility in various marketing channels and lift up your profile.

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